Dentistry SuiteWe offer and recommend annual dental examinations, which may include radiographs (X-rays) of your pet’s teeth, just like when you go to the dentist. These X-rays allow your pet’s veterinarian to examine the tooth roots, that you can’t see but which can cause severe problems. We also recommend annual dental prophylaxis (cleaning) of teeth, with some smaller breeds requiring cleanings more often than once a year.

If your dog or cat is found to have gum loss, abscesses or dental disease that requires extractions (pulling of teeth), we can take care of that too. If extractions are necessary, we will give pain medications to help keep your pet comfortable.

We offer a variety of at home dental care products that can help keep your pet’s teeth clean after the cleaning. From simple water additives to flavored toothpaste that will make your pet will love to have its teeth brushed, we have many easy ways to help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy throughout their life.